Le Citadelle Presents…


What: Le Citadelle Presents…

When: 01/09/2016

Where: Roof East, Stratford

But…Why? Because on any given night, when someone suggests hanging out on a car park rooftop, I envisage throwing myself off. Well, any given night, this was not. And any given car park this was not. Roof East played matchmaker to Citadelle Gin and Rooftop Film Club – the ultimate golden ticket to falling in love with film whilst pretending to understand martinis. This time round, it was A Bout de Souffle (Breathless), a French classic about a thief who meets the love of his life and attempts to steal her heart. If you’re looking for a bog standard night at the pictures, this isn’t for you. You won’t be having to re-mortgage your shoebox/flat to afford popcorn, you’re nowhere in bum’s reach of a sticky seat and the atmosphere adds a touch of actual romance to being stuck next to that couple getting off throughout the film. More importantly, there’s also eff-loads to do beforehand. Spectacularly failing at a round of Crazy Golf before surrendering myself to an impromptu photo booth shoot is a surprisingly fitting pre-film warm-up, especially while shrouded in a blanket with a delicate gin fizz in one hand and a bacon cheeseburger in the other. A perfect way to burn off some excess energy if, like me, you can’t sit still through a film to save your life.


So, what now? Rooftop Film Club bounces about between Stratford’s Roof East, Peckham’s Bussey Building and Shadwell’s Tobacco Dock (the dirty stop-out…) Check out where to get your next film fix here.


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