Jameson Caskmates Presents…

Jameson Caskmates x A Night of Classic Pairs - 2.jpg

© Jameson 


What: Jameson Caskmates Presents…

When: 07/09/2016

Where: Geffrye Street Studio, Hoxton

But…Why? Because any event that has “Whisky” and “Tasting” in the title deserves my attention. Especially when greeted with the pulsating beats of Amp & Deck and a cocktail awaiting your arrival like an old friend who can’t pick between beer and whisky, so just downs both and calls themselves an IPA Fizz. Let not the fizzy name fool you. Jameson means serious business with the birth of Caskmates: the illegitimate lovechild of Jameson’s Head Distiller and the Head Brewer of Cork’s Franciscan Well Brewery.

A bite-sized crash-course talks us through her conception, from love at first sight at a chance meeting down the pub, to the ageing process in craft beer barrels, accounting for her irresistible finish of coffee, cocoa, butterscotch and hops. A three-course meal provided by the Disappearing Dining Club lead to the crème de la crème de la evening: the tasting. Getting to sip whisky with chocolate truffle, coffee brûlée, brittle butterscotch and a half of Franciscan Well stout would hands-down qualify as the glistening cherry on top of any night, sending you home well-fed and well-schooled. Now that’s a pairing I can get on board with.

Jameson Caskmates x A Night of Classic Pairs - 8

© Jameson 


So, what now? Fancy a shot of Caskmates? You can get it in Blues Kitchen (Shoreditch), The Sun Tavern (Bethnal Green), The Whiskey Jar (Manchester) and keep your eyes and taste buds peeled for its arrival on the shelves of Meat Liquor.

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