Hennessy Very Special UK Launch


What: Hennessy Very Special UK Launch

When: 15/09/16

Where: Miranda, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

But…Why? Because cognac and tattoos really shouldn’t go together, but they somehow just do.* After years of jealously perving over people with the balls to get inked, my fascination with body art, fused with my love of booze, naturally drew me to the celebration of this limited edition Hennessy bottle, spruced up by one of the most celebrated tattoo artists to wield a gun. Walking into the venue was like stepping into Scott Campbell’s mind, as the neon lights sparked up, illuminating the inspiration behind his work, the art that took you through the process of creating the masterpiece:

“I treated the Hennessy Very Special bottle like I would treat somebody’s arm: I just put tracing paper over it, and started drawing.”

Tattoos made their mark everywhere, from the bottles to the sweet nectar that came out of them. Three trademark cocktails were flowing all night: The Autograph, The Sketch (personal pick) and the Inspiration. A ramped-up performance from Ghetts sealed the end of the night with the signature it deserved.


So, what now? *I will not be held responsible for anyone who takes this as advice to get a tattoo whilst wasted on cognac…

Photo credit: Hennessy

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