Burger & Lobster: Forgetting The Faff


We’ve all been there: You’re out for dinner with that friend you haven’t seen in donkey’s years, but can’t focus on the chat because you have to read your menu. The waiter’s come to your table twice already, and after a third round of, “sorry, can we just have a couple more minutes?” you realise you’ve become that table. You never see your waiter again and you and your friend starve to death.

You need not re-live the aggro at Burger & Lobster. If it had a Tinder profile, its bio would be: “What you see is what you get.” Because it literally is just that. Straightforward, to the point where you need no menu – except for their delicious cocktails (plus “soft shells” for the virgins among us). There are four choices:

–          Juicy, medium-rare bacon cheeseburger with all the trimmings

–          Whole, buttery, smoky, melt-in-your-mouth lobster, grilled or steamed

–          Lobster rolls, overflowing in abundance with fresh, meaty chunks

–          Choka Bloc special: Burger and half a lobster for a little bit extra

Salivating yet? With a generous portion of fries and salad, you get a faff-free dining experience, where the frills are reserved for the designer bibs to preserve your dignity when getting your hands (and face) dirty. If you’re savvy enough to leave room for ice cream, it’s the ultimate spot if, like me, you enjoy leaving a restaurant with a happy tummy and an even happier bank balance.


Burger & Lobster branches out right across the heart of London. To avoid disappointment, check your desired branch for their reservation policy. 

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