World Steak Challenge 2016

+44 (0)7721646833

+44 (0)7721646833

What: World Steak Challenge 2016

When: 22/09/16

Where: The LookOut, Hyde Park

But…Why? Because steak is everything. If you don’t believe me, ask any of the 200 guests and judges at this year’s World Steak Challenge: the award that sets out to recognise gold, silver and bronze medal quality steak. Jack’s Creek, the family-run ranch in New South Wales, saw Australia clean up at the awards for a second consecutive year. To be fair, F2 + Wagyu beef could easily secure a place in any steak lover’s heart, as I discovered on that beautiful evening which kicked off with a Japanese Wagyu tasting. After sampling the flavoursome tartare and succulent sirloin top cap, I arrived at the conclusion that as well as whisky, Japan can certainly shake the world with her beef.

We were then led into the main canopy and greeted with ginger and angostura virgins to prepare us for being plied with the smoothest Beefsteak Malbec. Although chasing the waiters’ trays helped us work up an appetite, there was definitely no chance of going hungry. We lined our stomachs with samples of vegetable tagine, Chinese pork belly with egg-fried rice and salmon with mashed potato and lentils. Before concluding the evening with a seemingly endless feast of steak from the remaining gold medal winners (Northern Ireland, Poland, Scotland and Wales), we shared in an emotional award ceremony, where top-quality producers saw their work pay off as they collected their hard-earned wins for the year.

+44 (0)7721646833

Patrick Warmoll and Frank Albers, winners.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information and updates surrounding the World Steak Challenge.

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