Reilly Rocket: Home of the Coff’epiphany


Let’s begin with a simple grammar lesson, shall we?





Like a normal, everyday epiphany, just drenched in coffee.

“She went to Reilly Rocket and had a coff’epiphany.”

(Not to be mistaken for caugh’epiphany: the realisation that your coffee went down the wrong hole.)

One time, I went into a coffee shop. While in the queue, I read a sign advising people to “respect the coffee you’re paying for” before asking for sugar. I laughed and walked out.

Sometime later, I had my first coffee at Reilly Rocket, and I suddenly understood the message and everything fell into place. It was then I had my first coff’epiphany: the realisation that I had never tasted coffee in my life. I usually have my Starbucks “coffee” with at least two sugars if there’s no caramel or vanilla syrup available. Top with whipped cream, chocolate powder, cinnamon powder, vanilla powder, baby powder, gunpowder, powdered mashed potato, and my coffee/warm cake mix is good to go. But Starbucks, Reilly Rocket is most certainly not. And the beautiful thing is, it was by total serendipity that I Columbussed it (I’d like to say “discovered”, but I’m pretty sure coffee without sugar has been a thing for a while before my basic self came along…).

Being too lazy/polite to ask where the sugar was led me to sip my coffee for the first time in its purest form and subsequently thank the goddess of beans for carving the glittering path to a coffee shop that knows how to make coffee without burning it to a liquid crisp. A coffee shop where the staff are friendly and don’t patronise you, no matter how knowledgeable/good-looking they are. A coffee shop where a decent double-espresso doesn’t cost 195 million pounds. One of the smoothest shots ever to be drunk is fuelling up the Rocket in Dalston, equipped with the toastiest notes and the silkiest crema, and I didn’t even know. This coffee, and Reilly Rocket, has every modicum of my respect. Get to know.


Reilly Rocket is at 507 Kingsland Road and is open every day until 5pm.

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