The Book Club: Gather for Brunch and a Good Twatting


Shoreditch is known for being full of twats. The Book Club is known for hosting a special breed of twat. The Shoreditch Twat: a daring cocktail with an edgy/eggy twist. Their signature cocktail list is a hit for anyone who’s one with words and music: a great opportunity to get in the mood to dance while sipping on a Strawberry Neill’s Forever, Shoulders Mead & Toes, or/AND (no judgement, only encouragement) a Ba-na-na, What’s My Name? You’ll need all that energy for the endless activities up for grabs. So, Ping pong isn’t your thing; just bounce down to the basement and enjoy a range of events and classes underneath their iconic light bulb ceiling.

The Book Club is the ultimate hub for the bookworm who lives for learning and picking up new skills, from life-drawing to not being a twat in front of that special someone at speed dating. The all schooled-out can stick around later for a boogie to the smooth 70s and 80s grooves at Request Line, or maybe kick back to a mellow one at Book Club Blues. The basement is packed with a plethora of happenings and goings-on, so coming up for air to nurse your hangover is a good shout, especially with The Book Club’s noteworthy brunch menu. I always go for the Full English, purely because their house baked beans are the only kind of baked beans that have any place in my mouth. It’s also pretty impressive the things they can do with avocado and toast…I’ll leave you to find that one out for yourself. With bright open spaces, The Book Club is the perfect place to (pretend to) work, wash down a long day with one of their fantastic pale ales on tap and have a nosey at their eclectic displays of visual art. Bookmark it for later.


The Book Club is at 100-106 Leonard Street and is currently exhibiting ‘Situ’ by GUYANDHERBERT.

Image Credits: Sylvain Deleu

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