Bouncing for Ping Pong


Confession: I’m that one friend at the pub who will offer to get the round in, but will always get your order wrong. In her sub-conscious effort to block out all the horrors of having slogged her way through the hospitality industry, mama grey matter has chucked out the baby with the bath water and gone so far as to ditch the essential skills needed to survive such a vocation: namely carrying more than one thing, being nice to people and, most importantly, memory. If you ask for anything but that thing, you’re getting that thing. If you want that thing, I will forget its name. So being presented with Ping Pong’s efficient tick-menu makes ordering dim sum a piece of salted caramel mochi, especially when said menu contains endless choice, comprised largely of dishes you feel like a bit of a dick for your failed attempt to pronounce correctly.

Because prawn and scallop sticky rice, char sui buns, chicken and cashew nut dumplings, Shanghai xiaolongbao, black prawn dumplings, beef dumplings, mushroom puffs, beef and kimchi gyoza, firecracker chicken rolls and frozen sparkly blackcurrant parfait can be a bit of a mouthful. A delicious mouthful, but still a mouthful nonetheless, even when washed down by bottomless lychee bellinis as part of their Lazy Sumdays unlimited dim sum. First-world problems aside, I would urge you to opt for the aforementioned decadent Sunday session, as reading the menu will leave you wanting everything and Lazy Sumdays presents the only opportunity to indulge in your wildest dim sum dreams.


Ping Pong can be found all across the capital. Do note that, to take advantage of Lazy Sumdays, everyone in your party has to order it, so probably best to leave that cheap friend at home.  

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