BrewDog Takes a Bite out of Homerton

BrewDog Homerton

Finally, I have a local BrewDog! A shiny, new kennel opened this week in Homerton, which means no more trekking to Shoreditch for their iconic Punk IPA to wash down one of their delicious pizzas. This self-professed “craft beer nirvana” has been working its way up the ranks since 2007, when it was nothing more than two blokes, one dream, a couple of scary bank loans and a dog. When Martin and James became bored of the stuffy ales dominating the UK beer market, they decided to spread their passion for craft beer and brew up a huge media storm along the way: while the headlines were still digesting BrewDog’s Tokyo as the world’s strongest beer, the duo were busy cooking up their even stronger Tactical Nuclear Penguin, before packing a yet more powerful punch (55% abv) inside roadkill, creating the world’s most expensive beer. Since then, they’ve been parading up and down Camden in a BrewDog tank, brewing beer at the bottom of the ocean, dispensing 28% abv beer from a modified deer’s head, casually dressing up as the Queen, projecting themselves naked onto the houses of parliament, making special beer for the Olympics and becoming one of the fastest-growing, most recognised food and drinks company across the globe in true rock n roll style.

Now they’ve lassoed their leash around Homerton, it’s time to take advantage, as I did. Be sure to try Choka Bloc’s personal favourite: Camden Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Pale Ale. I’d also strongly recommend their King of Pigs pizza: lashings of gyula sausage, leeks, watercress, smashed tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Enjoy!

BrewDog Homerton

Brewdog bars can be found all around the world, but its Homerton home is at 23-25 Hometron High Street, E9 6JP. 

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