The Spirit Show 2016


What: The Spirit Show

When: 10/12/16

Where: Business Design Centre, Angel

But…Why? Because there’s no better tasting exhibition to indulge in your passion for premium drinks. Armed with my Spirit Show tasting glass, I got to try and test all things whisky, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, and much more…all under one roof and all unlimited for tasting. Plus, the folks at the Wine and Spirit Education trust were on hand to give me a crash course in spirit tasting, so I could confidently quaff Gordon’s London Dry Gin, Monkey 47, Ben Riach and Cherry Heering with a freshly educated palate and nose.


Whilst there were over 100 brands showcasing at The Spirit Show, there were a couple of stand-out stars:

Dolce Cilento – This Italian brand boasted a beautiful range of sweet liqueurs, from limoncello, meloncello and watermeloncello, to their melon, hazelnut and pistachio creams. Although they can be enjoyed on their own, we were recommended to try them with ice cream, tiramisu and over crushed ice to make an adult snow cone. Yum!


The Fountain of Riddles – a unique blend of Mexican tequila and Nigerian iced tea creates a refreshing, easy-drinking riddle at only 5% abv.


Dappa – Devon’s answer to grappa (the fiery Italian spirit made from grape skins after the production of wine) has distinctive notes of rocket-fuelled forest fruits and a deep, plummy finish.


St. Vincent Distillers – Soon to be a staple in my family cabinet, St Vincent Distillers is the home of tropical rum punch cocktails and 84.5% overproof rum, giving Wray and Nephew’s a run for its money.


Medea – This ultra-premium, four times distilled Dutch vodka, comes in a bottle that will light up any occasion. The customisable LED panel allows you to type a message and create the perfect personalised gift for the life of any party.


Dictador – One of the highlights of the day was not having to choose between their smoothest 12-year and 20-year-old rums, so I celebrated by enjoying their Colombian Aged Gin as well.


Edinburgh Gin – Their rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur goes down a treat with prosecco!


Keep a lookout for more information and updates on The Spirit Show.

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