Jim’s Café


There’s something about getting back from another country that makes you appreciate the gems on your doorstep. So I thought I’d try Jim’s Café, the oldest cafe on Chatsworth Road. Previously an Italian cafe and ice cream factory in the 1960s before serving as a local caff until its closure 6 years ago, it’s been re-opened to retain much of the old decor and charm. I can’t believe I’ve walked past this place for 3 years (in my defence, it’s been closed for two and a half of those years, but I have no excuse for the rest of the time).

I sat down in what used to be the ice cream factory in the back, to a classic British and (mostly) organic menu: mine was the sausage and grilled tomato Benedict with a side of mushrooms and a cup of tea. Now, I usually have an overwhelming phobia of small portions; the only thing worse than food envy is paying for a meal and still being hungry afterwards. Perving on other diners’ meals on walks past Jim’s window had previously put me off of stepping inside, but I’m glad I finally decided to bite the bullet – and the brunch. Jim’s Café provides and warm, welcoming atmosphere and a mishmash of simple flavours that kept me full all day. I’ve learned that good, wholesome things can come in small packages, so I’ll definitely be back for dinner.


Jim’s Café is at 59 Chatsworth Road, E5 0LH.

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