MEATLiquor is the place to enjoy one of the best burgers in London on a truly theatrical scale. You’ve got the scene: a post-apocalyptic junkyard in Angel, plating up the food of the gods, overtaken by not zombies, but dead hippies everywhere. While the super juicy bacon cheeseburger proves a sassy contender in the battle for greatness, it’s shown the V sign by the iconic Dead Hippie burger: a sizzling double-serving of mustard-fried patties, topped with pickles, lettuce, cheese, onions, and drizzled with their Dead Hippie secret sauce.

The supporting acts come dangerously close to upstaging the mains. If you’re looking to upgrade from BBQ wings, their South African-style braai wings hit the spot with a fiery roundhouse kick, dry-rubbed with spices and chargrilled to crispy perfection. For those who prefer to keep it saucy, their marinated monkey fingers are the ultimate way to get acquainted with their hot stuff. Plus, if you’re looking to balance out those life decisions, the deep-fried mac ’n’ cheese is the only solution to the age-old question: who did I think I was, ordering the Greek salad?! (sacred family recipe, yes. Deep-fried, no…)

Now, I’ve always considered myself to be a speedy eater. MEATLiquor even has a special Triple Chili Challenge for monsters like me: polish off a green chili cheeseburger, chili dog, and chili cheese fries (NOT chips!) in under ten minutes, and it’s all free. Because food tastes better when it’s free. Especially when washed down with either their enormous beer tankards, or the near-lethal cocktail menu. I’d recommend Game Over, the guy you tell your Long Island Iced Tea not to worry about. It’s limited to two per customer for a good reason.

Nothing tops a theatrical dining experience like the power to control the scenes. As well as watching their hypnotising films of delicious burgers on their wall of stacked TVs, you can call the shots with the soundtrack. MEATLiquor is a proud hotspot of Secret DJ, a jukebox app that allows you to pick the music from the comfort of your table, like the puppet master you were destined to be. So whether you end up munching to Motown or Metal, one thing’s certain: a feast at MEATLiquor well and truly deserves a sequel.




MEATLiquor can be found dotted across the city. 

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