Social Fun and Games Club @ Roof East


And we’re back! The cocktails are flowing, the bare torsos are coming out, and the sun has well and truly arrived again, bringing with it those sweet vibes we’ve been sorely missing all year. There’s no better way to celebrate than with Social Fun and Games Club, bringing us back to Roof East in the lead up to our favourite season. #TheUltimatePlayground is trending for a good reason, as you’ve got your Sluggers batting cage, Birdies crazy golf, De La Bowl: hip-hop inspired lawn bowls, the GrowUp Box: London’s first urban farm, Rooftop Film Club, giant Jenga, and Rooftop Rollers Roller Disco. It’s the perfect spot to let your hair down, indulge your inner child, and lift your spirits at one of their many bars dotted about, especially Frostie’s bar. Because any bar that can upgrade your childhood slush puppies with copious amounts of rum deserves a good shoutout. Don’t forget to refuel at one of their food huts, whether you fancy Jimmy’s Tapas or something special from the Pizza Shack.

We’re all recovering from the hangover of the winter blues. So get to Roof East for a dose of colour, from the bright picnic tables, to the stripy deck chairs, street art by Louis Masai, and the ever-pristine “grass” (which is always greener up here), all against the backdrop of the breathtaking views that make you feel like you’re on top of the world and not just on top of a car park.


Social Fun and Games Club is at Roof East, E5 1XD. 

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