Grant’s Blind Tasting

What: Grant’s Blind Whisky Tasting and Blending

When: 17/05/17

Where: Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, Clerkenwell

But…Why? Because there’s nothing like a blind tasting to awaken your senses and allow you to connect with like-minded whisky lovers and bond over arguably one of the best around. Now, don’t get me wrong; the single malt will always hold a place in my heart, but indulging my taste buds in Grant’s has taught me to make space for a blended variety of two, especially when that blend opens you up to an explosion of rich toffee notes, butterscotch, and burnt sugar, with a visual treat of thick, juicy legs caressing the sides of the tumbler. And no, I’m not being biased. After the blind tasting, we (almost) unanimously agreed that Grant’s stood head and shoulders above the other two well-known brands we tried.

Launched by William Grant in 1903, Grant’s is the five-generation family business that upholds the legacy of keeping the world well and truly lubricated with top quality whisky. Distributing over five million cases throughout the world and 128 million litres alcohol per year, Grant’s goes the extra mile to keep us soaked to the bone in its smokey soul and sweetness that comes from being one of the only blended companies that use three cask layers as part of its filtration process.

Global ambassador Rob Allanson took the tasting to the next level with a blending session, allowing me to slash one more thing off of my bucket list. After a brief history lesson, I was able to blend my first ever Choka Bloc batch: a sweet base with fruity notes and a hint of spice topped up with a dash of peat. I challenge anyone who turns their nose up at a blend to get theirs in a dram of Grant’s.

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