Dirty Bones


Mac Daddy-1.JPG

Mac Daddy © Dirty Bones


The mere mention of Dirty Bones connects me with memories of a mildly inappropriate encounter that left me with slight daddy issues – one night with their Mac Daddy has rendered me incapable of enjoying any alone-time with other burgers in the same way.  Though I must accept some responsibility as, looking back, I don’t know what else I was expecting from a brisket and dry aged steak burger topped with pulled beef short rib and lovingly adorned with gooey mac and cheese. Just an example of the New York style comfort food available, where no dish is too decadent – no short rib is too juicy or tender, no chicken and waffles are too crispy, and anyone who tells you that cheeseburger dumplings can’t be a thing is a dirty, dirty philistine.

I must admit, I did get a little too cosy with their truffle fries and have to seek comfort from a Dirty Bastard in the corner – because that Bacardi white rum, Bulleit rye whisky, maple syrup, chocolate bitters and lemon juice isn’t going to just drink itself, even if loaded with fresh raspberries. If me saying questionable things about the food isn’t enough to tempt you over, perhaps their £10 lunch offer, opulent decor, and endless supplies of old skool hip hop, funk, and soul will, especially with their live DJ sessions, which you can get a flavour of here.

Dirty Bones - PWF - 0729.jpg

© Dirty Bones 


Dirty Bones can be found dotted across the city. 

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