31 Days of Riesling



What: 31 Days of German Riesling

When: The Whole of July 2017


But…Why? Because German Riesling’s making huge waves this Summer and it’s our God-given right to celebrate it! Rumour has it that it takes 31 days to develop a habit – I’m already half-way in and now I’m here to spread the gospel, alongside a collective of bars and restaurants across the city, who have teamed up to debunk the myth that German wine is “too sweet.” You can find out here who’s taking part, but check out my top selection of where you can go to get involved in the habit you’ll never want to kick:

Last Drop Wines

Delve into the authentic experience of learning German phrases, listening to German music, and booking tastings and pairings hosted throughout the month by knowledgeable, friendly staff in traditional German dress.

Humble Grape

Check out Humble Grape’s special offers on four selected Rieslings throughout the month – across all three of their branches.

28° – 50° 

Fancy a wine tasting with a chilled vibe? Get down to 28° – 50° for some relaxed sessions, run throughout the month.

Cork & Bottle

Take advantage of their Refreshing Quack: a smoked duck and avocado dish paired with a glass of their finest Riesling, all for £15.

Albertine Wine Bar

Enjoy a series of pairings and offers throughout the month, plus talks and events run by Chef Allegra McEvedy.


Last Drop Wines is at 492 King’s Road, SW10 0LE
Albertine Wine Bar is at 1 Wood Lane, W12 7DP
Humble Grape, 28° – 50° and Cork & Bottle can be found at multiple locations throughout the city

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